Fellowship with BELIEVERS 

Dovelight Ministry encourages every Believer to shine the light of God everyday and everyway. Let the light of God shine over our families, business operations, and neighbors. It is through fellowship we encourage each other in the faith.  Dovelight Ministry encourages Believers to allow the light within to not be hidden under a table, but lifted so the Lord can draw all men.  Dovelight Ministry small groups and workshops are intended to provide biblically based strategies to handle life challenges. Women from different denominations and social-economic backgrounds gather for one purpose, to shine the light of God! Your donations allow us to fund:  

Project Develop Lights:   

To ensure our light burns brightly, Dovelight Ministry donations provide an open library and complimentary spiritual resources to strengthen Believers growing in the revelation of the Savior, Jesus the Christ.   

Dovelight Ministry uses our light to ignite others. The witness of a Spirit-led life speaks volumes. The Spirit of God within us is the only God most non-believers will every experience. To ensure we reach every community, Dovelight Ministry donations offset the workshops and seminar expenses for women facing life and spiritual challenges. We aim to provide spiritual resources to all that ask, seek, or knock.  

Dovelight Ministry encourages small group bible studies, by equipping women with practical skills and resources to apply the gospel of Jesus Christ. 



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