Our mission 

To bring the light to everyone, everyday, everywhere. We can accomplish our goal by providing basic spiritual necessities, including a safe environment to ask the tough questions. We study the word to ignite the light that quickens, not for our gain, but for the edification of the body of Believers both young and mature. We bridge the gap between age, denominations, and experience the power of one body! 

 Our Story

Dovelight Ministry, Inc. is a 501(c)3 with the objective to service the community and empowering message of grace and truth.  Our team of local volunteers sharing a common goal developed programs intended to enrich the life of the often abandoned and neglected foster children and homeless communities. Our singular purpose is to be light to everyone, everyday, everywhere. 

While every year presents challenges 2020 is proving to be a test of our mission. To meet the challenge, Dovelight expanded outreach to include remote tutoring and crafts. Dovelight kicked-off the “Light Against COVID” program providing over a 1000 mask and sanitizer a month to foster children, the homeless and the general community at high risk. With the community support we can maintain the “Light Against COVID” and expand efforts n 2021. We are grateful to witness the comfort a Word of encouragement brings to children and adults. We can all be the light!   



Our Dovelight founder and members have been nationally recognized by the syndicated 101.5 Lite FM as the 2019 Memorial Healthcare System League of Legendary Women.  Additionally, in 2019 our commitment and service to the community was honored by Dreamcatchers for the Soul Foundation Inc. and Women empowering Women.  We would like to thank every donor, sponsor and partnering organization for a successful 2019. We are grateful for the support which enabled the 2020 innovate programs and we look forward to a serving the community in 2021. Join us as we bring the light of hope and truth!   

Yvonne Hollis


There are few hungry souls searching the scriptures while earnestly seeking our Lord, and that, mind you, is His only requirement for contact. It is with joy and confidence that I introduce you to Yvonne Hollis, a woman truly among that group of searching seekers. Not as a minister’s requisite adornment, wearing a collar for “glory in appearance” (2 Cor 5:12), hers is the glory in heart which is His preference (1 Sam 16:7). I have witnessed her struggle and her growth. From an existence that we all experience, Yvonne emerges from typical to transformed. This process has begun and she reeks of the grace and the glory only a beloved daughter can emit. Her strength lies in her ability and willingness to share her journey of love, bringing along anyone who cares to surrender to His Word with camaraderie on the path to the Father. 

Dorothy Aromashadou


DLM has been a wonderful blessing in my life because it is a ministry that keeps the Word of God at the forefront of all it does. I thank God that I have had the privilege of experiencing so much love and encouragement from this awesome ministry. DLM is a blessing! ❤️

Shawna Pointeville

Community Liason

Owner of Excel Academy. Acts a as an educational advisor for outreach programs

Dorene Grabova


“I met Yvonne at a time in my life when I was yearning to serve the Lord and not knowing how to do it. We met at church through the prayer line,  I had never heard someone pray so powerfully before.  Shortly after we met at Potential church Yvonne had left to go back to her home church in Miami. I was very saddened to have lost such a huge spiritual influence in my life and in my daughter ‘s life too as she also was on the prayer line. When Yvonne started Dovelight it seemed natural that my curiosity was piqued…I wanted to learn more from this powerful, spiritual woman. I begged my way in and the rest is history, I have been around since pretty much the beginning although not as engaged as I am now. I have learned so much from Dovelight Ministry and the women that attend this group.  My spiritual walk with the Lord has deepened more than I could have imagined and I now serve as financial advisor.”

Jeffrey Evrin

Business Liason

Client Executive of Sodexo. Jeffrey provides oversite for our operating procedures, practices and guidance for foster children programs as an adoptive parent of four.